Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mayor Barrett Unveiled Policing Plan As Milwaukee's Auto Thefts Decrease And Carjackings Increase

Police to increase bicycle cops on Southside neighborhood and high crime areas throughout the city as auto thefts decrease by 2% and carjackings increase by 5%.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 30, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and members of the Common Council unveiled their 2016 policing plan to reduce crime in the Southside and the city. According to Mayor Barrett, last year there were 69 homicides compared to 53 today, an decrease of 23% of homicides; robberies are down by 9% with 1,489 today compared to 1,642 last year; motor vehicle thefts are down by 2% with 2,860 to this date compared to 2,928 in 2015; non-fatal shootings are down by 10% from 290 to 261 and there has been a 5% of carjackings increase from 210 in 2015 to 221 today, a crime behavior that is unacceptable, according to Mayor Barrett.
Barrett says, the police deployment will expand throughout Milwaukee to make the city safe this Summer. The police plan will focus on making areas of recreation and gatherings of people safe, building trust with residents and stakeholders in the area.
Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn says, that police continue to concentrate on data where the high crime rate occurs and about 10% of neighborhoods are generating 60% of the crime and 10% of the offenders are generating 50% of the crime during the Summer. 
In regarding to auto thefts, Flynn says that a local gang is involved and most of its members are known to police and have been arrested before, but continue to commit crimes. More police foot patrols will be deployed in high crime areas including bicycle police patrols so, they can be in the area quicker when a crime is reported. Also to reduce fear in people who are targeted by criminals and to create a safe environment for people to enjoy their outdoor areas instead of criminals taking over certain areas by creating fear, according to Chief Flynn. 
Chief Flynn advised the public not to leave anything of value in plain sight in the vehicle or in the passenger glove compartment to avoid auto thefts or break-ins.

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