Friday, February 24, 2012

Asian-American Voter In Arizona Mistakenly Identified As Latino By TIME Arizona Cover Magazine Editors

TIME magazine editors are apologizing for error in identifying Asian-American as Latino on their Arizona front cover magazine issue.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 24, 2012

Phoenix - This week, TIME magazine editors apologized that Michael Schennum, an Asian-American was placed on the front cover behind the big "M" and mistakenly identified as a Latino voter on the latest March 5, 2012, Arizona edition. TIME was focusing on the emerging Latino vote and their possibility to becoming instrumental in picking the next U.S. President.
Fifteen portraits of Hispanic voters were placed on the cover, except for one who was later identified as a non-Hispanic. The headline read, "Yo Decido." (I decide) on the cover, including a subtitle "Why Latinos will pick the next President."
TIME's editors says, that at least 151 photos (portraits) were taken and believed everyone was a Latino.
Schennum is employed as a staff photographer at the Arizona Republic. He told the Arizona Republic, that TIME staff never asked him, if he was Latino. But, Schennum, who is actually part Chinese, Norwegian and Irish was surprised to see his photo on the March edition of the TIME magazine.

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