Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open House Draws Residents To Milwaukee Police District 2 Station

(L-R) Zonia López, Alderman James Witkowiak and Captain Rebecca L. Pixley.

Photos: HNG

A teenager sat on a Harley-Davidson police motorcycle and turned on the red and blue lights during Open House.

Captain Pixley welcomed members from the local community to Milwaukee Police District 2.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 1, 2011

Milwaukee - On Saturday, the Milwaukee Police District 2 command officials held an Open House for the local residents. The event provided residents with a unique opportunity to participate and experience the work environment that officers go through everyday to keep the locals safe and secure. District 2 is the only police station in the City of Milwaukee that has opened its doors to area residents for a second year in a row.
This year, residents had a chance to personally meet the newly appointed Captain of Police Rebecca L. Pixley. Captain Pixley during the event welcomed the visitors that toured the station from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The station has a capacity to hold more than 18 people during processing (booking), investigations, digital fingerprinting and criminal background checks.
At the event, popular crowd attractions included, a stationary full gear Major Incident Response Team (M.I.R.T.) officer that stood motionless and at first glance seemed to be made of wax. But the M.I.R.T. officer turned out to be a real person and drew plenty of photo shots from visitors. Other special attractions for visitors at the event were the Mounted Horse Patrol, Command Post, Tactical Enforcement Unit, Motorcycle Unit, Dive Team, Cadillac Police Truck, the Milwaukee Fire Department, Bell Ambulance, especially the "Police Rhino" known as the surveillance unit.
People were allowed inside the mobile Command Post, which seemed very confined with limited space to move around. Visitors were prohibited from taking photos inside the Command Post and its state-of-the-art communications technology.
Captain Pixley recently replaced former Captain Donald J. Gaglione from the Second District station. She was appointed by Police Chief Edward A. Flynn on August 23 to fill the Captain's vacant position, which became available on September 18. Pixley was a Police Lieutenant in Police District 5 and a member of the Tactical Enforcement Unit, before being promoted by Flynn.
James Witkowiak, 12th District Alderman took time from his busy schedule to meet Captain Pixley and to greet residents at the one day event. James Harpole, Assistant Chief of Police was also at the open house.
Police District 2 serves more than 87,000 residents.

M.I.R.T. officer stands motionless and on guard for a photo with open house visitors at Milwaukee District 2 Station. M.I.R.T. officers are assigned for crowd control and other major incidents.

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