Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girls allegedly Were Paid For Sexual Acts With Neighbor

Suspect in sexual assaults of three young girls believed to have fled the country to avoid prosecution.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 4, 2011

Milwaukee - On Thursday, J. Guadalupe Paredes-Ramirez, 57, was charged with four counts of child enticement and sexual contact, three counts of 1st-degree child sexual assault including sexual contact with a person under age of 13 and one count of 2nd-degree sexual assault of a child. A warrant was also issued for Paredes-Ramirez.
The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in the criminal complaint stated that the three young girls were lured multiple times by Paredes-Ramirez into his apartment and then paid less than $20 for sexual favors in several encounters.
Milwaukee police apparently changed the criminal complaint against Paredes-Ramirez of the 700 block of S. 37th St. Paredes-Ramirez is accused of having a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old girl and two 11-year-old girls on July 23.
At first, police in a search warrant issued on July 30 claimed the girls were forced at knife point to go with Paredes-Ramirez to his residence. At the residence, Paredes-Ramirez then took his clothes off and at gun point had the girls perform sexual acts.
Police have scrapped that preliminary report and are now saying the girls actually went willingly with Paredes-Ramirez to his upper apartment on S. 37th St.
Police have been silent until actual charges against Paredes-Ramirez were filed and the criminal complaint states a different version of events than priviously stated on a search warrant.
Paredes-Ramirez is believed to have fled the country and is currently in Mexico.

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