Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wheeler Police Chief Charged With 9 Felony Counts For Having Sexual Contact With Teens

Gary L. Wayerski

Police Chief Wayerski on suicide watch after getting busted for having sex with two boys.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 30, 2011

Wheeler, WI - On Friday, Dunn County District Attorney James Peterson during a court hearing requested a change of venue for the criminal case against Wheeler Police Chief Gary L. Wayerski, 55, of Menomonie. Peterson transferred Wayerski's case to Eau Claire County for prosecution.
Wayerski was charged in Dunn County with nine felony counts including having multiple sexual contact with several boys ages 16 and 17 at his residence, according to the criminal complaint. Wayerski is charged with misconduct in office, two counts for causing child to expose genitals, two counts exposing child to pornography, two counts for exposing child over 13 to view and listen to sexual material, and two counts of child enticement.
Wayerski was ordered not to have contact with the two teenagers and has been place in administrative leave from the Wheeler Police Department pending the outcome of the case.
WSAW dot com reported that Wayerski provided alcohol in energy drinks and pornographic movies to the teens. The 17-year-old boy told investigators he had sex with Wayerski about 30 times since march and the 16-year-old boy admitted to having sexual contact with Wayerski about 10 to 15 times between March to July.
The teens met Wayerski when he busted them in March for a church burglary on July 16 and then offered to mentor both boys. The teens said Wayerski threaten them with jail, if they exposed the sexual encounters.
When Dunn County Sheriff investigators and police went to Wayerski's residence, they discovered his home computer was taken apart and the hard-drive was missing. Wayerski apparently admitted contact with the teens and gave statements consistent with the teens allegations to sheriff investigators.
Wayerski told investigators that the teens had access to alcohol when they visited his home and he didn't attempt to stop them from drinking. At times, the teens got into his computer without his permission and watched porno, according to the complaint.
Wayerski during the interview with investigators said that he wanted to commit suicide and remains in a suicide watch at a local hospital.

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