Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Indiana House Democrats Break Quorum And Leave State To Block Republican Bill To Eliminate Bargaining Rights

Governor Mitch Daniels publically called on GOP members in Indiana to drop House Bill 1468 that prevents collective bargaining for union workers.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 22, 2011

Indianapolis, Indiana - On Tuesday, Governor Mitch Daniels (R) confirmed that the majority of House Democrats had left the state to avoid a vote on House Bill 1468, which would strip bargaining collective rights for state workers. The bill is considered anti-union and the Indiana House Democrats followed Wisconsin Senate Democrats in breaking quorum by leaving the state to prevent the legislation from passing. The bill was passed by a committee on Monday and was expected to be debated on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, an estimated 4,000 union members showed up at the capitol in protest of the Republican bill. Governor Daniels indicated that the bill should have been taken up at a later date and not now. Daniels went on the airwaves and made a plea for House Republicans to drop the controversial bill. The lack of quorum by the House session will keep other bills from moving forward. The House Democrats have shut down the process of passing important bills, according to Governor Daniels.
Daniels contrary to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is more willing to by pass the elimination of any attempt to strip collective bargaining for workers. House Bill 1468 would strip unions and companies from negotiating contracts with the state.
No word has been released yet, when the House Democrats will return to Indiana. The Indianapolis Star reported that the democrats have split up in groups and crossed over into Illinois and Kentucky.
The Indiana House needs 67 members to reach quorum, but on Tuesday they only had 58 members in the session suspending daily business.

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