Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Espinoza, Zeta Leader Arrested For U.S. ICE Agent Death In Mexico

Julián Zapata Espinoza

Los Zetas involved in the death of U.S. ICE agent in Mexico.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 23, 2011

Mexico City, Mexico - On Wednesday, the Secratary of National Defense (Sedena) announce the arrest of Julián Zapata Espinoza, aka, "El Piolin" and other members of Los Zetas involved in the death of Jaime Zapata, 32, Special Agent for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Espinoza was arrested at a safe house used by Los Zetas in San Luis Potosí.
Along with Espinoza, the military police arrested, Armando Álvarez Saldaña, Mario Domínguez Realeo, aka, Domingo Díaz Rosas, Jesús Iván Quezada Peña, aka, "El Loco," Martin Bárcenas Tapia, Rubén Darío Venegas, aka, "El Catracho,"  originally from Honudras, Diana Margarita Guerreo Morales, Roxana Mireya Ríos Velázquez and Magali Chaín Castillo López, the presumed wife of Espinoza. A minor was arrested too, according to Sedena.
Espinoza confessed that he is the known leader of the Zeta group operating in the San Luis Potosí area and that U.S. ICE Agents Zapata and Víctor Ávila were mistaken as rival drug cartel gang members by driving an armored black SUV. Ávila survived the shooting.
Espinoza told Mexian authorities that Quesado Peña and Darío Venegas including himself had participated in the February 15, shooting death of ICE Special Agent Zapata near San Luis Potosí.
Military police confiscated five high power weapons, amunition and five vehicles.
The suspects will be processed by the Mexico Attorney General's Office. The arrests were made in connection of prior arrests of Los Zetas in December who identified Espinoza as the Zeta leader in San Luis Potosí and intelligence reports.
Espinoza was previously arrest in December 2009 by the military on charges for organized crime.

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