Thursday, February 10, 2011

Check For Unclaimed Funds Or Property In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin State Treasury has at least $350 million in unclaimed funds and property.

February 10, 2011

Madison (HNNUSA) - The Wisconsin State Treasury reports that the state has at least $350 million of unclaimed property. Anyone can check or search the Wisconsin Treasurer's website by entering their name or business to get information. The website explains, that any financial asset that has had no activity by its owner for a period of  year or more. This includes savings accounts, checking accounts, uncashed dividends, stocks, customer deposits or overpayments, certificates of deposit, credit balances, refunds, matured life insurance policies and uncashed death benefit checks.
The law also requires that utility deposits, unclaimed wages and property resulting from business dissolutions be reported as unclaimed property after one year of inactivity. The Unclaimed Property Act does  not  include real estate.
The State of Wisconsin acts as a custodian for abandoned funds and holds these funds in perpetuity. In other words, there is no time limit for claiming your money from the State Treasury. If at any time you can prove ownership of legal rights to the unclaimed funds, the State Treasurer will approve payment to you or your heirs without charge.
Each year, millions of dollars in bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds and un cashed checks are turned over to the State Treasurer because the owners cannot be located. Safe deposit box contents as well as intangible financial assets, stock certificates and bonds are reported to the State Treasury.

To search the Wisconsin State Treasury data base click on the following link:

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