Sunday, August 8, 2010

Racine Mexican Fiesta Draws Crowds To Annual Fest, Despite Mosquito Infestation In Southeastern Wisconsin

Top photo: Bob Gallarza's multistar band
Bottom: H. Nelson Goodson, al estilo Tejano

Annual Latino Fest jams with Tejano and Mexican music

August 8, 2010

Racine, WI (HNNUSA) - On Sunday, Tejano and Mexican music venue draws crowds to lakefront fest. H. Nelson Goodson spotted just partying with La Raza at the annual lake front Racine Mexican Fiesta 2010. Bob Gallarza, Shelly Lares, David Marez, Jimmy Edwards, Roger Velasquez and Gabriel Olvera from Texas now on stage. Tejano jams, estan pesados.
Mosquito infestation at fest, but mosquitos are even sucking each others blood cuz la Raza dancing at high velocity and kamikase mosquitos can't get zoomed in on targets. :)
Viva la Raza!

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