Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hundred Stranded At Sky Glider Seats Ride For Hours At The Wisconsin State Fair Opening Day

Photos by HNG

More than 130 stranded at the Sky Glider on opening day

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 5, 2010

West Allis, Wisconsin - On Thursday, more than a 130 people became stranded on the 160 Sky Glider seats on suspended cables after the it broke down. The glider has an estimated 640 capacity seating. The ride stopped operating around 8:00 p.m. when power shut off and people couldn't get off. Emergency crews were called in to get riders off the glider seats all across the Wisconsin State Fair grounds.
State Fair Police closed from North to South of the fairgrounds resulting in numerous food venders to close early and a special exit was opened for those attending the Lyle Lovett & his large band with Asleep on the Wheel grandstand concert. The area closed affected venders along Grandstand Ave., entertainment area venues, Mile Market Place from the North Midway rides to South of the Wisconsin Expo Center.
Lifts were used to bring them down, no one was reported injured in the Sky Glide during opening day of the fair.
It took three hours and fifteen minutes to bring down everyone and the last person to be brought down at 11:15 p.m. ran to the bathroom, a female State Fair security officer said afterwards.

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