Sunday, August 15, 2010

Editorial: Mexican Consul In Chicago Verses Mexican Community Organizations


Community organizations, public elected officials and residents should dictate what is best for their own community and not the Mexican Consul in Chicago.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 15, 2010

Chicago, IL - The current controversy over the exclusion of the Mexican Civic Society from the official Mexican Independence "El Grito" celebration by Mexican Consul Manuel Rodríguez Arriaga has sparked debate over the Consuls role in the Chicago Mexican community.
One thing for sure, the Consul represents the Mexican government and the legal document services it provides for its citizens in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, which are the three states assigned to the Consulate. As a Consul, Arriaga was appointed to reside and represent Mexico's commercial interests and give assistance to Mexico's citizens in Chicago. Both Arriaga and his staff are public servants, which are paid through taxes and other revenues generated by Mexican citizens in the U.S. and Mexico.
Arriaga seems to be mispresenting himself and is trying to create an image that indeed he is the leader of the Mexican community in the three state region. Arriaga is not a community leader, but a public servant appointed to serve the Mexican citizens seeking services from the Consulate.
The Mexican community in Chicago is well represented by its own elected public officials, numerous non-profit oranizations, including federations and other community groups and activists and ect. The debate over the Mexican Independence Bicentennial celebration and exclusion of the Mexican Civic Society by Consul Arriaga is setting precedence for community groups, residents and activists to challenge the Consuls role in the Mexican community.
Community organizations have had their own internal difficulties, as many groups have experienced their own setbacks and have succeeded in overcoming them. The differences have made the groups stronger and have learned to work with each other.
The Mexican community in Chicago and its elected public officials, and community based organizations should dictate what's best for them and their community.
Everyone should make sure that all are given the opportunity to be involved and participate within the community and not let individuals or entities to exclude or discriminate certain individuals and organizations as Consul Arriaga has done for the Mexican Independence Bicentennial Celebration in 2010.

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