Monday, May 3, 2010

Guadalupe Expo Fair In Mexico Canceled After Five Died During Human Stampede Caused By Gunfire

Photo: AEI/Narconews

Second major fair to be cancel after violence erupts and results in deaths in Mexico

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 3, 2010

Guadalupe, N.L., Mexico - On Sunday, in a joint press conference by Mayor Ivonne Alvarez, Adrián de la Garza, Director of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) and Angel Fernando Pérez, Secretary of Municipal Security announced the cancelation of the Guadalupe Expo Fair after five people died during the fair. Alvarez said she decided to close the fair.
Preliminary investigation results indicate gunfire erupted at about 1:00 a.m. Sunday that triggered a human stampede in the main Beer Garden at the fair. People in the area panic and began to run resulting in the death of 5 people. The victims were trampled to death and 17 other people were reported injured. 14 of the victims were sent to a nearby clinic and later released, and 3 victims were taken to a hospital for serious injuries.
Thousands of people attending the Intocable concert panic after gunfire and an explosive device explodes nearby. Intocable had began to play when the violence triggered a human stampede and people flee from the area.
State investigators say, witnesses heard an explosive device, but the gunfire that caused the stampede has yet to be confirmed. Officials detained 14 workers from the Beer Garden to determine what had transpired the deadly incident. Investigators are questioning some of 300 private Cattleman's Union security workers, to figure out how an explosive device or weapons had gone through security check points. About 30 Guadalupe Municipal Police officers were working the event as extra security, but no type of metal detectors had been used, according to state investigators.
The victims were identified as Olga Lidia Bautista, 43, Brenda Magali Guerrero Gonzalez, 25, Roberto Rodriguez Saldivar, 43, and Juan Alberto Fernández Ollervides, 41, and the fifth victim has not been identified.
The Guadalupe Expo is the second major public event to be canceled after violence erupted resulting in multiple deaths in Mexico. On April 2, the Tampico Fair was canceled after 7 people died during a shooting spree at the table dance Mirage Nightclub by the Zeta Cartel. An estimated 18,000 people were attending, when an explosive device was thrown inside the fair at Carpenters Lagoon, according to David Rivera Alvarez, aka "El 43" a Zeta member who confessed in a video and then shortly after his body was found outside Televisa Tampico offices in Tamaulipas.  

Guadalupe Expo gunfire sparks stampede at fair and crowd attending the Intocable concert panics, (7 minutes) news video at:

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