Saturday, January 16, 2010

Worldwide Donations Keeps Casa Guatemala Orphanage From Collapsing

Guatemalan orphanage elimnates debt with almost $100,000 of worldwide donations

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 16, 2010

Guatemala City, Guatemala - A letter sent out today by the administration of Casa Guatemala confirms they have raised almost $100,000 in worldwide donations, including a single donation of $40,000 by Mr. Lennox McNeely of Whistler. B.C. An update of the funds raised was sent to Casa Guatemala on November 30, 2009 by Roy Baker, Coordinator/Tax Deductible Donations in Canada.
Baker wrote, "Altogether, almost $100,000 was raised worldwide to eliminate the debt that the orphanage had incurred over the previous 6 months..." Last year, Casa Guatemala was facing a potential collapse, but the generous funds that were donated has provided the much needed hope and financial stability to continue operating.
Casa Guatemala is an organization that funds and operates an orphanage that cares for the nurturing health and education of over 250 children. The children come from a variety of backgrounds; some have been abandoned some have been abused, and while still others come from families too poor to even provide the basics of a child's needs.
The generous donations for the project touches the lives of hundreds of people. Especially, the children who live at the children's village, the people who work at the orphanage, the teachers that are employed at the orphanage school, members of the local village, workers at the Hotel Backpackers and the volunteers from all over the world who give their time to help out.
The orphanage receives no government support and is totally dependent upon the kind donations from people and groups from around the world.  Casa Guatemala is split into three interdependent sites, each with its own function, but working in concert, according to the Casa Guatemala web site.

For donations and regarding information on how you can help Casa Guatemala, the following Internet link is provided.

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