Saturday, January 9, 2010

Open letter to Texas State Board of Education To Keep Hispanic History In Text Books

Gail Lowe

Educational books should include Cesar E. Chavez and Hispanics as part of Texas and American history

Open letter to Texas State Board of Education Chair Gail Lowe

Dear Ms. Lowe,
Chair, Texas State Board of Education
January 9, 2010

I'm writing in support for the United Farm Workers Union effort  and community at large consensus to keep Hispanic history makers and historical events in the Texas eduational text books. The Texas State Board of Education on Jan. 13 should allow, encourage and approve the use of text books that provide a comprehensive educational aspect of Latinos such as the late Mr. Cesar E. Chavez and all other Hispanic historical figures. There contributions and continued legacy have help make the State of Texas a great place to live, work, and educate our children as well as yours.

Latinos including Mexican-Americans have been an integral part of Texas growth, development, educational system, and economic wealth as taxpayers.
Texas school census indicate that Hispanic students will soon become a majority in the Texas public school system.  The Texas Board of Education should not allow ideological extremists to revise history as an attempt to eliminate all of the Hispanic history makers, since the 16th Century conquest of Mexico as proposed!
Education is the key to success and it is paramount to continue to provide historical aspects and contributions Hispanics have done through history. It is with outmost importance that our children learn about historical figures such as Cesar E. Chavez and Irma Rangel, the first Hispanic woman elected to the state Legislature who as role models they can continue to influence generations of students to pursue higher education and encourage them to succeed.

As a supporter of the United Farm Worker movement, please explain to me how Cesar E. Chavez "lacks the stature...and contributions of so many others" and should not be "held up to our children as someone worthy of emulation," as claimed by one of the "experts" advising your board?

Don’t let a handful of ideological extremists decide what is taught in the public schools by eliminating people of color. A full and accurate teaching of the diverse history of Texas is required in taxpayer-supported school textbooks.


H. Nelson Goodson
Taxpayers for Immigration Reform
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

Related link to United Farm Workers Union Organization:

Latinos in Texas to challenge State Board of Education's Jan. 13 initiative to erase Mexican/Latino history from books

The Texas Board of Education meets at 9 a.m. on Jan. 13 at the William B. Travis Building, Room 1-104, 1701 No. Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas.
To voice your opinion at these proceedings, you must register no later than next Monday, January 11th in the following link:  A number of longtime farm worker movement leaders and civil rights attorneys are expected to testify.
Besides sending your e-mail to SBOE, UFW Union would appreciate it, if you call or fax TX State Board of Education Chair Gail Lowe at 512-936-6262 (phone) or 512-936 4319 (fax).

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