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Harley-Davidson Inc. Reports First Deficit In 16 Years

H-D motorcycle manufacturing led to the creation of motorcycle clubs, associations and riding groups

Milwaukee (HNNUSA)-Harley-Davidson Inc. reported a fourth quarter loss, and its first quarterly deficit in 16 years. The motorcycle company lost $218.7 million, a 94 cents lost in shares and is closing one of two factories in York, PA and will lay-off 1,950 workers.
In 2008, Harley-Davidson's net income was $77.8 million, or up 34 cents per share.
In 2009, Harley-Davidson Inc. reported that the current recession forced the closure of 28 dealerships in the U.S.A. and in 2010, 15 more dealerships are expected to close.
Harley-Davidson announced, shipments to its dealderships in 2009 fell 27% to 223,023, and for 2010, they expect another fall between 5% to 10% with projected shipments between 201,000 to 212,000.
Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell says, it's the largest dealership closures ever recorded in Harley's history. Wandell contribute the closures to the recession and that in eight to nine metropolitan areas there were to many dealerships. (H-D investor report 2009 results at
Harley-Davidson is considered as one the largest motorcycle suppliers of its kind in the U.S. The Harley-Davidson motorcycle trend and the life style it represents has led to the creation of multiple motorcycle clubs, associations and riding groups throughout the U.S. and the world. Numerous clubs known as M.C.'s and also clubs known as the "1%ers" One Percenters considered clubs/gangs and engaged in alleged criminal activity have dominated the club scene in major motorcycle rally's, according to the U. S. Department of Justice.
Within the motorcycle brotherhood, it is well known that 99% of all bikers ride and live within the boundaries of the law.
Although, many motorcycle clubs who do wear colors in one way or other are affiliated to the notorious American outlaw motorcycle clubs who approve non 1%'s to wear colors in their local area. The ten most recognized outlaw groups are the Vagos Motorcycle Club from San Barnardino, CA, est. 1960's; the Free Souls from Oregon, Est. 1960's; Los Banditos from San Antonio, TX, Est. 1966; the Highwaymen from Detriot, Michigan, Est. 1954; the Warlocks from Philadelphia, PA, Est. 1967; the Sons of Silence from Niwot, Colorado, Est. 1966; the Outlaws Motorcycle Club from McCook, Illinois, Est. 1935 (at Matilda's Bar on route 66); The Pagans from Maryland, Est. 1959; the Mongols from Montebello, California, Est. 1969; and the Hells Angels, Est. between 1940's to 1950's in California.
Other major motorcycle clubs non affiliated to outlaw groups are the law enforcement motorcycle clubs, Blue Knights International Club, Reguladores Law Enforcement MC, Praetorian LEMC, Untouchables MC, 11th Cavalry MC American, Law Dawgs MC,Iron Crew LEMC, and the Knights Paladin MC.
In Milwaukee, the Independent Riders group, which ride Harley-Davidson's and other brands of motorcycles was established in 1998 unique from any other motorcycle organization, club and association in the U.S. Since then, multiple Independent Riders groups not affiliated with the Milwaukee, Wisconsin group have been established throughout other states and Canada. But, basically these Independent Riders follow the same concept of not belonging or being affiliated to any outlaw club. The Independent Riders group was established to allow bikers to ride and roam free with limitless boundries in the U.S. and other countries. Respecting other clubs, groups and associations is the key element of the Independent Riders success in expanding their lifestyle. Their colors is missing the MC (outlaw approval) on them. Only, the law enforcement motorcycle clubs carry the MC label without the outlaw clubs approval on their colors.
One of the largest memberships of Harley-Davidson ridership is the Harley Owners Group (HOG), which has chapters and over one million members throughout the world.

The Colors!

The Independent Riders, a motorcycle riding group (not a motorcyle club or association) was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1998 and later established another chapter in Florida, and has members in law enforcement, media, business, and other fields in professional and non-professional careers.
Milwaukee is the home base for the Independent Riders, although a group was created in Florida by Tito Rivera aka "Max". The founders of the motorcycle group are Eduardo Velez, Joselito Velez and H. Nelson Goodson.
On Saturday, some Independent Riders gathered to help celebrate Sebastian Morales 50th Birthday, one of its members. "Wishing a Happy Birthday to Sebastian on his 50th and muchos mas", said H. Nelson Goodson, co-founder of the Independent Riders.
"When you see these Colors, we are partying in the immediate area! Don't be shy, we invite you and your friends to come over and party with us. We're the Kool ones of the bunch and on the road. We ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and every other type of motorcycle too. We don't discriminate and welcome everyone who has the guts to ride hard to anywhere, everywhere and nowhere, until the burnt rubber tire smoke and dust clears. Hope to see you at the next big motocycle rally and party in or near your area," Goodson said.

Celebrating Sebastian's surprized 50th Birthday bash. (L-R) H. Nelson Goodson, Eddie Alva, Sebastian Morales and Eduardo Velez. The guys are avid motorcycle riders in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On Saturday, the birthday bash was held at the Falk Pavilion in Oakcreek. Que party! Getting ready for the 2010 big biker rally.

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