Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Elected To U.S. Senate In Massachusetts

Scott P. Brown (Rep.) U.S. Senator Elect

Boston, MA (HNNUSA) -Scott P. Brown, 50, (Rep.) was declared the winner on Tuesday for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the late Ted Kennedy. "Thank you for electing me your next U.S. Senator and every day I will do my best to be your senator," Brown told his supporters at his victory party in Boston. President Barack H. Obama called Brown to congratulate him.
Brown became the 41st Republican elected to the 100-member Senate. His election could help Republicans succeed in a fillibuster to stop President Obama's health care bill and any future bills from Democrats.
Democrats needed Martha Coakley (Dem.) to win in order to get the 60th vote to prevent a Republican fillibuster. Brown is the first Republican elected in Massachusetts, since 1972. He won with 52% of the vote compared to Coakley's 47% of the vote.
Brown's victory is seen as a set back for Immigration Reform activists in the nation. Democrats missed their window of opportunity to pass a comprehensive Immigration bill in 2009. "Republicans and conservative extremists now have the required votes for a fillibuster to halt any Immigration Reform bill," said H. Nelson Goodson, Taxpayers for Immigration Reform in Wisconsin.
Brown is a graduate of Wakefield High School, Tufts University, and Boston College Law School. He lives in Wrentham, MA with his wife Gail Huff, 48, (News reporter for Boston channel WCVB -TV5) and their two daughters, Ayla, a well-known singer since her participation on the popular television program "American Idol", and a student at Boston College, and Arianna, a Pre-med student at Syracuse University.

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