Monday, November 23, 2009

Editorial: Mayor Tom Barrett for Wisconsin Governor?

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 23, 2009

Milwaukee -It's unfortunate, will the issue of Milw. Police Chief  Edward A. Flynn's ongoing affair with Jessica McBribe affect Mayor Tom Barrett's chances of succeeding for governor? Who would be willing to support Barrett after he looks the other way and let a self confessed felon who carries a gun (but has not been charged or convicted) continue to lead the Milwaukee Police Department. Adultery is still a felony in WI, and Barrett condones it, as well as the Police Commission and the Common Council, corruption? Sure, it might look that way! What do you think?
Even, former Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher who filed a divorce against McBribe his wife claiming both McBribe and Chief Flynn continued the affair after Flynn said it was over. Now. Bucher wants Flynn fired!
Milwaukee Police Department has a policy, if an officer is found to have committed an illegal act even if they are not charged or convicted he/she are subject to be fired by MPD and the Fire and Police Commission. There been many cases which police officers have been fired for violating dept. policy and it doesn't cost tax dollars to discipline.
In this case, the Fire and Police Commission, Common Council and Mayor Barrett (Dem.) are looking the other way. Is Chief Flynn above the law? NO, and by those to say it's a personal matter, well those who commit crimes do it as a personal matter, too and get fired or convicted.
GOOD LUCK Mayor Barrett!

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