Friday, June 26, 2009

Journalist Admitted Having An Affair With Milwaukee Police Chief

Group To File Complaints To Investigate Violation Of Public Trust

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 26, 2009

Milwaukee -Last Friday, Jessica McBride, 39, sent out an email to the Associated Press (AP) stating, her affair with Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn, 61, was “unfortunate” and was a “deeply personal matter between two adults.” She also provided the AP an email dated April 23 from Flynn, "The romantic relationship did not occur until long after the reporting and editing of the magazine article on Chief Flynn," McBride wrote. The article’s final edits was turned in Feb. 16, according to McBribe. Flynn’s e-mail suggested that the two get coffee. The romantic relationship with Chief Flynn began in May, but now it is over, McBride confirmed. McBribe is currently married to Paul Bucher, the former Waukesha County District Attorney.

Flynn worked as Police Commissioner of Springfield, Mass., until taking over the Milwaukee Police Department in January 2008. He previously was Massachusetts’ Secretary of Public Safety; and before that, Police Chief in Braintree, Mass., Chelsea, Mass., and Arlington County, Va, according to AP. Flynn was a last minute candidate brought in after the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission had selected their final five. Subsequently, Flynn was offered the position as Chief, with an increased salary.
Last week, Flynn admitted to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel of having an affair with McBribe. Flynn told Mayor Tom Barrett about the extramarital affair two and half weeks before the Journal Sentinel reported the affair, and the scandal made national news. Flynn is currently married to Susan Flynn who decided to stay in Virginia while her husband pursued his career.
Since the Flynn and McBribe affair was made public, some Milwaukee Police officers and taxpayers are now wondering if Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen should investigate Flynn for violating the public trust. Le Monte Harris and his group are filing a formal complaint with the Fire and Police Commission, and the Ethics Board, and is asking Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm to investigate if the Chief had violated the law. "How will he be able to discipline other officers who may in fact break the law, when he (Flynn) wasn't punished for breaking the law," said Harris in an interview with WISN News 12 on Thursday.
The investigation should focus on whether Flynn had any conflict of interest by using taxpayer-funded equipment while engaging in the affair. The District Attorney's Office has indicated that they would probably not pursue the matter. "If that is the case, District Attorney Chisholm should refer the matter to Van Hollen to investigate if Flynn used his assigned police squad equipped with global positioning system (GPS) to meet McBribe. Investigators need to check Flynn’s (GPS) data from his squad, his public calendar as well as his hard calendar, and electronic transmitting device such as his police department personal computer for McBride’s elicit emails, including his City of Milwaukee issued cell phone for calls and text messaging,” according to a taxpayer.
According to Wisconsin State Law, committing adultery is a Class I Felony Offense. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission terminate Police Officers who commit a felony act and for violating the Police Officer Code of Ethics.

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