Friday, June 19, 2009

Chief Flynn Had An Alleged Affair With Journalist

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 19, 2009

Milwaukee- On Thursday, Police Chief Edward A. Flynn, 61, admitted to having an affair with a journalist. Flynn issued a statement saying, “I have done my wife and family a great wrong, and I profoundly regret the hurt I have inflicted on them and others affected by my conduct,” Flynn wrote. “I accept the personal and public consequences of my private behavior. I have damaged my public reputation and violated the trust and love of my family.”
Apparently, Flynn became involved with Jessica McBribe after having an interview for the Milwaukee Magazine at Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant on Water St.

Emails and hand written letter surfaced from McBribe, 39, and were sent to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel anonymously. One of the emails said, “I honestly had myself almost convinced that we were going to talk about the police department at (Brocach) that night!” it states. “Now that sounds so naïve. But something special happened between us that night; I will always cherish it. A complete meeting on all levels - mind, body, heart that I have never experienced. You completed me that night.”
Flynn also notified Mayor Tom Barrett about the affair and apologized for his lack of judgement. Flynn is currently married to Susan Flynn who was interviewed by McBribe in the Milwaukee Magazine article on April 20, 2009.
Would this affair impede his judgement as Milwaukee Chief of Police? Since, in the State of Wisconsin having committed adultery is a felony offense.

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