Thursday, June 22, 2017

34-year-old Driver Of Stolen Vehicle Arrested After Totaled Crash In Riverwest

Milwaukee police are looking for several suspects who carjacked a vehicle and assaulted the vehicle owner over the weekend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 22, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - On Wednesday, Oscar Brenes, the owner of El Patron Auto Repair confirmed that a 34-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the June 16 carjacking of his vehicle, a 2014 Toyota Camry. The driver was taken into custody after crashing and totaling the stolen Toyota Camry in the Riverwest area.
Brenes says two other suspects who he identified as Puerto Ricans assaulted him while he was parking his vehicle by his residence. The two suspects beat Brenes, took his wallet, a cellphone and then carjacked the vehicle. 
Brenes told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) that he is warning others to be aware of their surroundings when parking their vehicles to avoid becoming another victim.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Biracial Latino Kids And Adults Kicked Out Of Brewers Game For being To Loud And Mexican

The mother of three kids says, they were kicked out along with their father and an adult cousin from the Brewers game for being to loud, but when being escorted out by Milwaukee police, one of the adults says, "we are basically being kicked out for being Mexican."

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 20, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, Titania Herrera posted in her Facebook (FB) account that her husband, an adult cousin, a friend and her three young children ages, 8, 7 and 4 were kicked out of the Brewers game for being to loud. José Herrera claims, that a White couple had complained to an usher that the kids were to loud, thsn an usher sat behind them to watch, then the White couple through the middle finger at the kids as they were leaving. Security then decided to escort the family and cousin out, despite another White man who was watching and attempted to explain to security that the White couple had given the middle finger to the children. It was to no avail, security and Milwaukee police escorted them out and didn't do anything to the White couple.
As the family and cousin were being escorted out, one of the adults says, "we got kicked out for being Mexican." According to Herrera, the children are Black and Latino. Titania blamed Trump for racist White to be more open, "I GUESS TRUMP MAKES SOME PEOPLE FEEL THEY CAN BE MORE OPENLY RACIST."
In a video posted by Titania, one adult says, that a supervisor let them back in and sat them at another seating section, which by then the kids were to scare to yell during the game for fear of getting kicked out.
Here's Titania's full FB post (warning it has some adult language directed at the Brewers management, "So I just received a call from my husband. Apparently my husband, his cousin and his friend along with my 8yr old 4yr old son and 7 yr old cousin were kicked out of the game, for being loud and cheering. Not everything is about race if you know me im far from racist, but today was. Two older white ppl complained my KIDS were cheering too loud. They had security sit behind my family and those two older white ppl gave my kids the middle finger (8,4,7years old) i just watched a snapchat video of my kids crying as they were escorted out. My husband and cousin tried to defend themselves but of course that made it worse. Another older white man stepped in , he had also tried defending them saying they did nothing wrong. But they were still asked to leave. Watching my babies so upset just pissed me off and hurt me so deeply. I will NEVER FUCKING BUY ANOTHER BREWERS SHIRT BOBBLE HEAD NOTHING. FUCK THEM AND THE TEAM TOO CAUSE IM SURE IF THEY SEE THIS THEY STILL WONT CARE!! IM A MOM BEFORE ANYTHING. I GUESS TRUMP MAKES SOME PEOPLE FEEL THEY CAN BE MORE OPENLY RACIST. BTW I DNT CARE WHO THIS OFFENDS CAUSE ITS WASNT UR KIDS CRYING AFTER BEING SO EXCITED TO SEE A GAME THEY HAS BEEN BEGGING TO SEE!! Milwaukee Brewers."
Herrera has tagged the Brewers in her FB concerning the incident, but according to her they haven't responded.

Video: Biracial Latino Kids And Adults Kicked Out Of Brewers Game

Video: The Herrera family speaks out in interview by Tory Lowe

Monday, June 19, 2017

Milwaukee Puerto Rican Fest Adds Teen Age Restriction To Attract Parents To Family Event

Teen age restriction geared at attracting parents to this year's Puerto Rican Festival 2017 in Milwaukee at Humboldt Park.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 19, 2017

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Monday, Yuessef Morales, the organizer for the Puerto Rican Festival 2017 (PRfest) in Milwaukee announced via his Facebook (FB) account that a new teen age restriction will be implemented for this year's event at the Humboldt Park in Milwaukee County. The age restriction implementation will take effect on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at the Puerto Rican Fest at Humboldt Park. Morales FB post indicates that anyone from age 17 and under would not be allowed to enter the PRfest without being accompanied by a parent.
When contacted on Monday by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA), Morales released the following statement, "We decided to require anyone under 17 to be with a parent as a way to bring in families together. It will also make parents responsible for watching their kids and not our security. This will bring families together and help prevent any issues a young crowd might bring. This is a Family event and we want to keep it as perfect as its been for 5 years." 
The PRest is operated as "for profit" and has grown to become one of the largest and most popular Latino festivals to attend in Wisconsin including the City of Festivals.
In 2016, an estimated 7,000 festivalgoers attended the one-day 4th Annual Puerto Rican Family Fest 2016 at Humboldt Park, according to Victor Huyke, the CEO of Conquistador, LLC and Publisher of El Conquistador Newspaper who co-sponsors the PRfest event.
¡Viva Puerto Rico!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Richard L. Alva Found Not Guilty For Sexual Assault Of Child Under 12

Alva, a convicted child sex offender was found not guilty on a second case, which a criminal complaint charged him with 1st-degree sexual assault of child under 12.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 18, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - On May 5, a Milwaukee County Circuit Court jury found Richard L. Alva, 53, aka, "Gato" not guilty on one felony count for 1st-degree sexual assault of a child under 12, according to court records. The criminal complaint was filed on December 6, 2016 and accused Alva of having sexual contact with a male victim. 
Alva was facing up to 60 years in prison, if convicted. He remains incarcerated at the Racine Correctional Institute, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.
According to court records, Alva was convicted on July 2004 for second-degree sexual assault of a child after he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 7 years in prison, but only served 4 years in prison and 3 years probation. He was ordered to register as a sex offender for life in the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.
Alva had been released from prison and was on probation for a weapons conviction as a felon.
Alva is a former Mixtecas Motorcycle Club Milwaukee chapter president and co-founder. He served as a Treasurer when the group started in 1998.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

St. Anthony Cop Jerónimo Yañez Gets Away With The Cold Murder Of Philando Castile

Hundreds of demonstrators in the Twin Cities went to the streets and blocked highway I-94 near the Dale Street exit in St. Paul to protest against the acquittal of St. Anthony Police Officer Jerónimo Yañez who killed Philando Castile in cold blood during a traffic stop.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 17, 2017

St. Paul, Minnesota - On Friday, St. Anthony Police Officer Jerónimo Yañez was acquitted for 2nd-degree manslaughter felony charged in the cold blooded murder of Philando Castile, 32, on June 6, 2016 in Falcon Heights, according to court records. Yañez in cold blood fired multiple shots into a vehicle where Castile, his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds and his 4-year-old child were. Castile had told Yañez that he had a conceal carry permit and that he was not going to take the gun out. Soon after Yañez fired multiple shots striking Castile. Castile died from his wounds.
Castile did every thing right when Yañez stopped him, but Yañez just simply killed Castile. Castile worked at a St. Paul Publc school, as a cafeteria worker and was a law abiding citizen who had a conceal carry license.
The St. Anthony Police Department announced that the "public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city."
Demonstrators on Friday took to the streets in protest of Yañez acquittal and block I-94 near the Dale Street exist. Multiple arrests were were by police.
More protests against the acquittal of Yañez are expected around the nation. 

Video: Aftermath of Philando Castile shot by a St. Anthony cop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota

Terry Williams Had No Criminal Conviction Record Despite Allegation By Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.

A Wisconsin courts record search indicated that Terry Williams who was shot in the head on Lincoln Memorial Drive while fleeing from a traffic violation had no criminal conviction record, despite allegations made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. that Williams had a criminal history during a press conference.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 17, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - A criminal records search in Wisconsin resulted with with no criminal convictions for Terry Williams, 19, despite allegations made by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. during a press conference that Williams had a criminal history. The family of Williams released a statement demanding for Sheriff Clarke Jr. cease a smear campaign against Williams who was shot in the head on Sunday along Lincoln Memorial Drive by Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax, a rookie in the department. Williams was declared brain dead and died at a local hospital.
Williams was fleeing from a traffic violation when Deputy Truax at a median fired multiple shots and hit Williams in the head. Once Williams vehicle passed Deputy Truax, he continued to fire his weapon at least 8 to 10 times into Williams vehicle where three other passengers were inside. One female passenger was shot in the shoulder and hand.
Sheriff Clarke claims, that Williams tried to hit Deputy Truax with the vehicle, but Williams family says that the video shows when Deputy Truax first fired his weapon, Williams vehicle (SUV) "was barely moving" and the front wheels were turned to the right and once Williams was struck in the head, he became unconscious, thus contradicting Sheriff Clarke's claim. The Williams family statement was released to CBS 58.
Here's the Williams family statement, "Ms. McEwen, who is not a suspect and is an innocent victim - had her phone and personal belongings seized by the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department following the shooting. She has repeatedly requested these items be returned as they contain photographs of her boyfriend, Terry Williams, which she wants to look at and use for the obituary and funeral. Ms. McEwen repeats her previous requests that these items be returned to her.
"The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department has released dash cam video and appears to be engaging in a smear campaign against Mr. Williams, who was killed by Deputy Truax and cannot defend against their allegations. The Audi is seen fleeing from police and it is understandable that tensions were high. But the video also shows that Mr. Williams was not trying to run down anyone when Deputy Traux began shooting. When the smoke from the shot of Deputy Truax is most visible (circled in the picture below), the SUV is barely moving and the wheels are pointed to the right. When the car turns left, Mr. Williams was already being shot at, and potentially no longer conscious. The autopsy will provide further information.
"Ms. McEwan and the family of Mr. Williams request that the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department end its attempt to vilify Mr. Williams, who was killed by one of their deputies, and cease its efforts to influence public opinion until the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department completes its investigation. Ms. McEwen also repeats her request that her personal property, including her phone, be returned, so that she may use her photos to prepare for Mr. Williams' obituary and funeral."
Paula McEwen, 24, who was a passenger in Williams vehicle was shot in the shoulder and hand by Deputy Truax, she survived, two other passengers, Daniel Nash, 27, and another female were not injured in the incident.
The Milwaukee Police Department released information that Williams and Nash were suspects that had been involved in a shooting the day before, according to a victim who filed a complaint. Nash was charged on Friday in that incident with one felony count for 1st-degree recklessly endangering safety and three misdemeanor charges, one for disorderly conduct and two for bail jumping. If convicted on all charges, Nash is facing up to 13-years in prison. The incident police reported is not related to last Sunday's traffic violation incident where Deputy Truax shot Williams for failing to stop.

Dash cam video released by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office in the Terry Williams incident

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax Just Open Fired Into Fleeing Vehicle Regardless Of Innocent Passengers

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax should face criminal charges for shooting into fleeing vehicle striking one female passenger and endangering two others.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 13, 2017

Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy Michael Truax, 32, a rookie in disregard and endangerment to life fired upon a fleeing vehicle with four people in the vehicle for a simple traffic violation. Deputy Truax fired between 8 to 10 shots consisting of .40 Caliber hollow point bullets into fleeing vehicle striking Terry Williams, 19, and Paula McEwen on Sunday. Williams, the driver later died from a head wound (pronounced brain dead on Monday) and McEwen was shot in the shoulder and hand. A second female and a male passenger in the back seat were not injured from Deputy Truax discharging his weapon into the vehicle.
Deputy Truax placed himself in front of a fleeing vehicle and without second thought and not taking into account the number of innocent passengers in the vehicle, Truax recklessly fired his service weapon into the vehicle regardless who was inside. At no time did any of the passengers nor Williams ever point a weapon or fired upon Deputy Truax. A 9mm weapon was recovered from the scene, after Williams lost control of the vehicle and crashed into other vehicles when he was shot in the head.
Deputy Truax upon himself decided to become jury, judge and executioner, some might argue.
During a press conference, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. stated, "...Sunday, June 11 at 7:41 p.m., in the area of Lincoln Memorial Drive and East Water Tower Road, a deputy (Truax) with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office used deadly force toward a vehicle being pursued by a different Milwaukee County sheriff deputy..."
Deputy Truax who decided to use deadly force on a fleeing vehicle should face criminal charges for attempted homicide when he discharged his weapon and struck McEwen twice and endangered two other passenger's life as well, three innocent persons who just happened to be the passengers in the vehicle Williams was driving.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy fires at fleeing vehicle striking the driver and female passenger

Update: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) dash cam video released shows Deputy Michael Truax, 32, in the middle median and as Terry Williams approaches,  the deputy discharged his weapon striking the front of the vehicle as debris and smoke is seen on the top front roof of the vehicle. Was Deputy Truax at the median attempting to ambuse Williams, since the pursued was being transmitted on MCSO radios? What was Deputy Truax doing in the median?

It seems, Deputy Truax was already at the median and is attempting to stop Williams by placing himself in front of the vehicle instead of moving away from it, when he fires the first shot at the vehicle, according to the video. Williams tries to avoid the deputy and slightly turns left as the deputy also steps sideways to the left and clears the vehicle and then Deputy Truax continued to discharge his weapon at the fleeing vehicle despite, that there were four people inside the vehicle. Williams, 19, was shot in the head and lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Williams was declared brain dead on Monday. Paula McEwen was struck in the shoulder and hand, two other passengers, a male and female were not injured. McEwen survived the shooting by Deputy Truax.

Once Deputy Truax stepped aside and away from Williams vehicle, he was no longer in the way of the vehicle, but Truax continued to discharge his weapon at the slow moving vehicle. MCSO video was aired by WISN.